Limestone & Slate

Limestone and slate are sedimentary rocks formed over a period of 250-700 million years by particles of sand, stone and shell compressed in layers at the bottom of our seas and waterways, producing a hard stone. Limestone is often known for its high fossil content and is generally cream or white in colour, while slate has a more uniform patina, darker than limestone, slate is available in greens, greys and blacks. Both have a honed appearance; they are softer and cannot be highly polished. Limestone is a very popular choice for bathrooms and fire surrounds, and slate is often used for bathrooms and hearths.

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Colour Variations

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Blue Grey

Moca Creme
Bateig Beige
Jura Beige
Moleanos Fine Grain
Pietra Dorata
St Hubert
Bateig Blue
Azul Moleanos
Jura Blue Grey
Pietra Serena