How to properly care for your new quartz worktop

Comprised of a mix of nature’s hardest materials, quartz—although manmade— feels cold to the touch much like stone and offers similar benefits to a granite worktop.  Thanks to its consistent texture, quartz is durable and very low maintenance meaning it is one of the best choices for your kitchen surfaces.   But as with other stone work-surfaces, quartz is an investment, so if you’re wondering how to clean your quartz worktop and keep it looking new, then keep in mind these few simple steps.  

  1. All it takes is a daily wipe down

Quartz is one of the toughest materials you can find, so it takes a lot—and we really me a lot—to scratch the surface. As soon as it is made it is finished with a tough sealant. Not only does this make quartz an excellent choice for kitchen worktops but it also means it is really easy and simple to clean. All it requires is a daily wipe down with a soft cloth and warm soapy water to maintain its shine.  

  1. Deep cleaning is a breeze

If you’re having a few friends round and want your quartz surfaces to be gleaming more than usual, then you can give it a more thorough clean. But although quartz is a tough and durable material, the polished finish can be damaged and made dull by abrasive cleaners. Avoid scraping the surface with cleaning utensils and only use mild cleaners. But remember, water and dish soap is always the best option.  

  1. Avoid acidic liquids

While quartz is a durable material, it is best to take precautions and avoid certain liquids that may damage the sealant or its gleaming appearance. Keep quartz clear of harsh cleaning chemicals or cleaning products that contain ammonia, wax or polish, and try not to spill acidic fluids such as tomato sauce, wine or lemon and other fruit juices.  

  1. Immediately clean up spills

If you do happen to spill any of the above liquids on your quartz worktop, the best way to tackle the mess and maintain your surface is by cleaning it up right away. Although it is very hard to create a stain on quartz, it can happen if the spill is left to linger for too long.  

  1. Scratches and scuffs can be repaired

Occasionally accidents do happen which can cause scratches and chips in the work surface. If cleaning and polishing the mark doesn’t quite do the trick, then it is possible to have it repaired. As quartz is a man made stone made up of multiple small particles, it is possible to use a putty that matches the stone to repair it. Always get in touch with a professional to assess the damage first.