Why are More People Turning to a Granite Worktop?

In today’s modern homes, the kitchen truly is the focal point of any house. But this practical room hasn’t always been the heart of the home as we know it as today. Believe it or not there was once a time when the kitchen was deemed so unimportant that work surfaces were never seen as a necessary feature.

Here we look back at the history and trends of the kitchen worktop and why granite worktops in Surrey have become a very popular feature in today’s homes.

The History of Kitchen Work Surfaces

Looking back at photos taken before 1900 you’ll struggle to find a kitchen with a worktop. At this time, kitchens looked sparse and empty, perhaps only featuring a china cabinet, a table and a range. Sinks were an optional luxury too.

Fast-forward 20 years and kitchen work surfaces began making an appearance—albeit they weren’t continuous counter tops as we know them today, but rather wooden panels that created extra work space around the sink or range.

As rationing ended after the Second World War, consumerism skyrocketed, and the way British families used their kitchens began to change dramatically. People eventually wanted a nice place to cook meals for their families and entertain guests, and therefore desired nicer kitchens and worktops. Kitchen design became less about creating efficient spaces for grand manor houses, and instead shifted to providing contemporary family kitchens in ordinary homes.  The increase of kitchen gadgets meant a demand for storage, so the empty space under the worktops became the perfect place to hide them.

Wood was still a popular choice for many work surfaces, but Brits began to take inspiration from American kitchens that were benefiting from an economic boom, and thus vinyl, linoleum and other new materials began making an appearance.

The Emergence of Granite Worktops

Granite has always been associated with grandeur, and luxury. A granite worktop was once only available to the wealthy few, those who could commit to splurging on such an extravagant material. But thanks to technological advancements and an increase in skilled stone masons, by the late 80’s granite worktops had a more affordable price tag and were more readily available to the masses.

Granite has many recognisable qualities and features, and is now the most popular choice of kitchen work surface in homes throughout the UK, beating both wood and manmade counter top materials.

So Why is Granite so Popular?

If you think granite is only chosen for its aesthetics and timeless appeal then there is much more you need to know about granite worktops in Surrey. This popular natural stone has many unique properties that make it the ideal investment for your kitchen.

  • Timeless appeal—granite is always on trend. As a brilliantly versatile material, granite is available in a range of finishes including a high gloss polish, matt honed, flamed or satin.  Plus, with a range of striking colours and patterns to choose from, you can be sure that a granite worktop will compliment any décor and add luxury to any home.
  • Tough and durable– granite is the perfect material to use as a kitchen work surface. It is heat-resistant, meaning you won’t have to worry about placing hot pans on its surface, and it is incredibly scratch-resistant, too. If you chop on a granite worktop, you’re more likely to blunt your knife than scratch the worktop.
  • Easily maintained—due to its smooth, highly polished finished, granite worktops are resistant to bacteria and mould making them incredibly hygienic. The cooling properties of stone also make it excellent for rolling pastry, too! The only maintenance it requires is a simple wipe down with a non-abrasive cloth and washing up liquid so that it keeps its shine for a lifetime.