Increase the Value of your House with a Stone Kitchen Worktop

Ahead of putting your home on the market, it is widely recognised that the room most likely to add value to your house is the kitchen. For most families, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home. It’s no longer simply a space for cooking, but also somewhere we socialise, dine, work and even relax in, too.

And as the workhorse of any modern home, the kitchen worktop makes this room what it is.  This valuable work surface needs to be tough and practical to use, but also wonderfully stylish, and that’s what potential buyers recognise when they look around your home.

So if you are planning a remodel of your house to add value, it can be a good idea to consider installing a stone kitchen worktop.

The value of stone kitchen worktops

It has been documented that the installation of stone surfaces can equate to a 4% to 25% rise in the value of a property depending on the quality, variety and amount of stone worktops installed around the house. But why?


According to AMA Research, key kitchen trends in recent years include an emphasis on aesthetics and stylish designs, typically in line with contemporary styling, clean lines, sleek, minimalist looks and solid flooring. The market has also seen customers trading up to higher value materials and products in the worktop sector, driven by more knowledgeable and discerning consumers.

In accordance with all these trends, stone kitchen worktops in Surrey fit the bill perfectly. Stone creates a timeless appeal that adds glamour, luxury and quality to the feel of the kitchen. Available in a range of colours, the natural, neutral tones of stone are perfect for the current contemporary, on-trend décor that will never go out of fashion.

Along with its aesthetic and timeless appeal, stone is also food-safe, which makes it a perfect match for kitchen worktops. Modern stone work surfaces are finished with a sealant that makes them particularly easy to clean and very low maintenance. Stone surfaces are also incredibly hygienic because the smooth surface hinders the growth of bacteria and mould. All it takes is a simple wipe down with a non-abrasive sponge and washing up liquid.

Which stone should I choose?

The most common types of stone worktops include marble, granite, limestone & Slate and quartz. At Mole Valley Masonry we source our materials from all corners of the globe to ensure they are the best, and most striking, materials available.

Perhaps the most popular choice for kitchen worktops in Surrey is granite. Granite is a timeless material that will transform any room and add great practicality to your kitchen and bathrooms. It is one of the most widely used stones for work surfaces due to its durability and water, stain and scratch-resistant properties. Plus it only requires minimal upkeep, so maintaining a sleek and polished finish is effortless.

Many potential buyers will know and appreciate the true value of stone worktops in Surrey, therefore your new investment will improve not only the overall look of your home—but the value of it too.