Give your kitchen an impressive new style

Give your kitchen an impressive new style

As we ease ever closer to the New Year, it’s often the time when we start to think about new beginnings. To some, a fresh start may come hand in hand with a complete kitchen makeover, but for others, a simple revamp of your existing décor will do the trick just fine.

As the kitchen worktop is the focal feature of the room, replacing or renewing this surface is a great place to start, and will do wonders to freshen up the whole room’s aesthetics and functionality. Stone in particular has a lot to offer, especially when seamlessly fitted into the heart of the home. Here’s how to give your kitchen an impressive new style with a new stone worktop.

Why is a kitchen worktop important?

Kitchen worktops are possibly the most frequently used surface in your home. It is estimated that we spend in the region of 7 hours a week cooking and many more hours simply washing and cleaning in the kitchen, too. That’s a fair chunk of time spent in this one room alone. Therefore, your kitchen worktop is bound to see a lot of traffic just in one day—so it needs to be up to par.

In modern homes we are starting to see the trend of the grand, almost elaborate kitchen. It is no longer a room simply used for cooking and making meals, but we are also socialising, dining, working and even relaxing in the kitchen, too. So as our kitchens become bigger in order to accommodate their new function, so too do our kitchen worktops. This simple surface is no longer just designed for functionality but also aesthetics. And when we think of aesthetics, we of course think of elegant, natural stone.

Which material is best for my kitchen work surface?

There are a number of kitchen work surface materials to choose from, each with their own unique properties and characteristics. However stone, with it’s timeless appeal, is highly regarded as one of the best for kitchen surfaces.  Along with its aesthetic and timeless appeal, stone is food-safe, which makes it a perfect match for kitchen counter tops.

Modern stone countertops are finished with a sealant so it requires only minimal upkeep in order to maintain an effortlessly sleek and polished finish. Stone surfaces are also incredibly hygienic because the smooth surface hinders the growth of bacteria and mould.

Due to its natural cooling properties, stone absorbs heat quicker than most other materials, making it noticeably cool to the touch. This makes stone, such as marble and granite, ideal for baking, particularly pastry rolling and chocolate making.  This is why you can often find marble worktops in the kitchens of the cooking world’s finest artisans—pastry chefs and chocolatiers.

Perhaps the most popular choice is granite worktops in Surrey. Granite is a luxurious material that will transform any room and add great practicality to your kitchen and bathrooms. It is one of the most widely used stones for work surfaces due to its array of colours, striking aesthetics and its stain and scratch-resistant properties.

At Mole Valley Masonry we can work our natural stone into any shape required, and even include features such as heat rods for a permanent pan stand, or even a built in draining board.  A new work surface will help you revamp your kitchen without maxing your budget.

So when it comes to your new worktop, stone is the natural choice.

Quick ways to completely renovate your kitchen

Are you looking to revamp your kitchen on a budget? If your kitchen could do with a bit of make over, or perhaps you’re looking to make the room a bit more practical, the good news is you don’t always have to break the budget to get what you want. All it takes is a good imagination.

From revamping your cupboards to finding a sleek new kitchen work surface, we’ve got a few ideas to help you spruce up your kitchen without spending a fortune.

Cupboard revamps

Firstly, why not give your cupboards a fresh lick of paint. Check the main framework—if it’s still in good condition, brighten up the exterior with an eye-catching, cotemporary colour. Look for a shade that has a calming influence, such as deep blues, olive greens or a more neutral natural shade such as whites and stone.

Light up the room

To create something a little different, try adding under-cabinet lighting. Strip lights will give the space subtle glamour as well as highlighting pretty display pieces and cabinets. What’s especially good is that there are plenty of options to choose from and it creates a stunning feature that won’t break the bank.

For a bit more work you could even swap out your existing lighting for stylish new pendant lights. These work beautifully in larger rooms, and help to create a luxurious aesthetic by drawing the eye’s attention to a certain feature, such as the kitchen island. It may take some re-wiring work, but the end result will be worth it.

Stylish and sleek surfaces

To add the wow-factor to your kitchen, simply renew your kitchen worktops. You may think a new stone worktop would be pushing the kitchen reno budget, but even a new kitchen island surface or a stunning stone splash-back can make all the difference, even on a budget.

Along with its aesthetic and timeless appeal, granite for instance is food-safe, which makes it a perfect match for kitchen worktops. Modern granite countertops are finished with a sealant that makes them particularly easy to clean and very low maintenance. Plus, if looked after well, your natural stone counter tops will last a lifetime, meaning that you’ll likely save money in the long run. From luxurious jet black to vibrant blues, stunning golds and elegant whites, you’re sure to find a colour to perfectly compliment your existing décor.

At Mole Valley, our team of craftsmen have more than one hundred years’ of experience between them, and can help you to develop your ideas, as well as recommend the stone best suited to your requirements, combining beauty with functionality to achieve a stunning result.