Why bespoke stone cutting is the perfect way to add a little extra to your home

Are you looking to create a striking statement within your home but want something unique? Bespoke stone cutting can help you achieve this.

Mole Valley Masonry stonemasons can create stunning features that match perfectly to the space and your existing décor. Bespoke stone cutting adds timeless appeal that adds quality and character to your home.  

 What do stonemasons do?

The craft of stone masonry involves working with harsh cuts of rock or stone and shaping them into tailor-made structures, statues or home features. Stonemasons work with a number of different materials, including sandstone, limestone, slate, marble, quartz and granite.  

Our team of stonemasons at Mole Valley Masonry have more than one hundred years’ of experience between them, and can help you to develop your ideas, as well as recommend the stone best suited to your needs. We work with the finest stone sourced from all over the world, combining beauty with functionality to achieve a stunning result.  

Uses for bespoke stone cutting

When we think of luxury stone such as granite, we tend to immediately think of elegant kitchen islands, but stone can be beautifully crafted to add a personal touch to almost every area of your home.
The most popular uses of stone include:  

Natural stone, with its timeless appeal, is highly regarded as one of the best for kitchen surfaces.  Not only is it food-safe, but it is also easily maintained, requiring just a simple daily wipe-down. Plus, it is scratch and heat-resistant too. Stone can be carved to best suit the shape of your kitchen and your personal needs. For more information take a look at our recent kitchen worktop case studies.  

Granite and marble tile is robust, waterproof, heatproof and hard to damage so it’s a great choice for bathrooms and wetrooms. Your choice of stone can be supplied in a range of thicknesses, which enables you to continue a theme, for example with a matching bathroom surface and splashback, without worrying about weight on the wall. Stone can even be bespoke cut to fit seamlessly around baths and sinks making it look like the entire bathroom has been carved from a single slab of stone.   Our team at Mole Valley Masonry can help you choose a stone that will complement the existing style of your home, while delivering a high impact, impressive effect, which reflects light and creates the illusion of space—perfect for small bathroom spaces.  

Granite has long been used as a luxury material in some of the grandest buildings all over the world. But thanks to modern technological advances, cutting granite and other exquisite stone has become easier and cheaper meaning it is an affordable and worthwhile investment for family homes too.   Thanks to its durable and scratch-resistant properties, stone is both easy to clean and hard to wear out making it a great flooring choice for modern homes. A perfect choice for entrance hallways, kitchens and utilities, stone only requires a simple wipe to maintain it’s gleaming appearance.  

Nothing else captures the eye quite as instantly or as impressively as the parallel lines of bespoke stone staircases. A bespoke natural stone staircase not only creates a timeless appeal but also adds value and a sense of enduring quality.  Staircases can be designed and matched to the pre-existing stone work already present around the home, much like the stone staircase we designed and fitted for one of our clients, Mrs Smith.  

Fire hearths and surrounds
Natural stone, such as marble, is an excellent choice for fire heaths and surrounds.  The natural properties of the stone mean it is durable, heat resistant and completely non-flammable.  This robust material not only looks magnificent but can easily endure knocks and scrapes from log baskets, coal buckets and other fireplace accessories too.  

Shelves and windowsills
To add the finishing touches to your home, why not utilise the offcuts of your chosen stone to create stunning shelves and windowsills. Stone is easily kept clean with a simple wipe of a damp cloth, so dusting and polishing your home will be a breeze.