Stone kitchen worktops in Surrey

There’s no denying that the kitchen is the heart of every home, so it’s only right that your kitchen worktops can stand the test of time—plus a few pots and pans, too. Stone is the ultimate material for any kitchen surface and here’s why.

The Kitchen Worktop: the essential component of any kitchen

Your kitchen worktop is the most used surface in your home. Without an appropriate worktop space it can be difficult to manage the every tasks within the kitchen, that’s why it’s important to create a worktop that is functional for the space and your needs. A stone kitchen work surface not only looks fantastic, but also stands the test of time, is easily maintained, and be crafted into an intricate shape that is practical and aesthetically pleasing.

The advantages of a stone worktop

Along with its aesthetic and timeless appeal, stone is also food-safe, which makes it a perfect match for kitchen counter tops. Modern stone countertops are finished with a sealant that makes them particularly easy to clean and very low maintenance. Stone surfaces are also incredibly hygienic because the smooth surface hinders the growth of bacteria and mould. All it takes is a simple wipe down with a non-abrasive sponge and washing up liquid.

Due to its natural cooling properties, stone absorbs heat quicker than most other materials, making it noticeably cool to the touch. This makes stone, such as marble and granite, ideal for baking, particularly pastry rolling and chocolate making.  This is why you can often find marble worktops in the kitchens of the cooking world’s finest artisans—pastry chefs and chocolatiers.

Types of stone worktops available

The most common types of stone worktops include marble, granitelimestone & Slate and quartz. At Mole Valley Masonry we source our materials from all corners of the globe to ensure they are the best, and most striking, materials available.

If you are looking to install bespoke stone kitchen worktops in Surrey then these pointers will help you choose the right stone for your kitchen.

  • Think about maintenance. Although all stone is renowned for its minimal upkeep, there are minor differences between them. Quartz requires very little maintenance beyond a daily wipe-down, whereas marble and granite may require a little extra just to ensure they don’t tarnish.
  • Colour is important. If properly maintained, stone worktops can last a lifetime, so they are definitely an investment worth making. If you like to change your décor fairly regularly then you may wish to take this into consideration when choosing the colour of your work surfaces. A neutral shade will go with any new colour scheme.
  • Do your research. There are certain pros and cons to each stone material so although they may be very similar, there may be a type of stone that is better suited to your family and kitchen routine.
  • Ask for advice. Experienced stone masons know everything there is to know about stone kitchen worktops and can help you choose the one that’s right for you.

At Mole Valley, our team of craftsmen have more than one hundred years’ of experience between them, and can help you to develop your ideas, as well as recommend the stone best suited to your requirements, combining beauty with functionality to achieve a stunning result.